Which maternity care suits you?

Kraamzorg Wereld Wonder offers different kinds of maternity care, based on the national needs protocol. This sets out the amount of hours you are entitled to. Of course, this also depends on your insurance company.

  • Basic care: 49 hours over 8 days, an average of 6 1/2 hours a day
  • Minimum care: 24 hours, an average of 3 hours a day
  • ROYAAL care: 49 hours with a massage and aroma therapy

Before and at the beginning of the maternity period, the maternity nurse will make clear arrangements with the family about the care of mother and baby, housekeeping, visits, etc. These arrangements will be stated in the maternity care guide. On the fourth day after the birth we will see how you are doing and evaluate with the family. If necessary, we can adjust the arrangements.

1. Basic care: 49 hours over 8 days, an average of 6 hours a day:

The maternity nurse works between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm. We will discuss how many hours she will be with your family beforehand. The maternity nurse will be much occupied with caring for and checking mother and baby. Especially the feeding of the baby requires a lot of guidance and the maternity nurse will pay extra attention to this. Other tasks of the maternity nurse:

  • observing, identifying and reporting
  • instruction and information
  • basic household chores

2. Minimum care: 24 hours, an average of 3 hours a day:

In certain situations, less care than the “basic care” is provided. This is because of:

  • The mother’s choice (and that of her partner)
  • Or one of the restricting factors apply:
    Restricting factors are, for example, if the mother has a lot of help from a non-professional carer (mantelzorg) who takes care of household chores, or if the mother is hospitalized.

The care for mother and baby is the key point of minimum care. The maternity nurse will, by agreement, do some light household chores such as cleaning the bathroom and maintaining the delivery room.

3. Packet ROYAAL: maternity nurses are trained in aromatherapy and massage:

With the “ROYAAL’ packet, a special team of maternity nurses were trained who specifically chose for this kind of care provision. They have followed diverse courses in order to guarantee the quality of the ‘ROYAAL’ packet.

What makes the ‘ROYAAL’ packet so unique:

  • Guarantee of desired care hours, minimum of 49 hours.
  • No additional costs.
  • Aiming at 1 maternity nurse for the entire care period.
  • Evening maternity care.
  • Early deployment of the maternity nurse to assist with births.
  • Maximum of 8 – 10 hours of care per day.
  • Maternity nurses are trained in aromatherapy and massage.
  • Home delivery to priovide breastfeeding tools and aids.
  • A free breastfeeding information day for our clients. Mobiel phone service for the deployment of acute care.
  • Customised care that takes into account the famil’s wishes, for example: cooking, grocery shopping and transport of childeren back and forth to school. Complete care for all of the household needs.
  • A telephne evaluation on the third day of care to discuss the quality of the service, and the agreed upon hours.
  • Expert lactaton assisance always available.

We have full faith that the ‘ROYAAL’ packet will suit your needs.