The delivery

home or hospitalDuring the home delivery, the maternity nurse assists the midwife. Subsequently, during the maternity period, she provides all the care and support you need in close consultation with your midwife. The maternity nurse performs check-ups, provides information and guides you with (breast-) feeding. She teaches you and your partner how to care for your newborn baby and gives advice on how best to deal with the new family situation. Maternity nurses also keep an eye out for specific problems or risks that require attention. If necessary, she will contact your midwife or other health care professionals.

Home versus hospital delivery

In the Netherlands many women choose to give birth at home, but more and more women choose to give birth in the hospital. The Birthing Clinic combines the advantages of a home birth (warm and friendly environment where you can stay for 8 days) and the advantages of a hospital (all medics are close by, one floor beneath us). The Birthing Clinic of The Hague is located in the hospital. There are two locations in The Hague; Bronovo hospital and MCH Westeinde.

The Birthing Clinic has a warm and friendly environment where you can stay in the first week after giving birth. We offer 24-hour personal and expert care and guidance. The unique aspect is that the Birthing Clinic is affiliated with a hospital. In the case of medical complications the doctors will come to your room. At our location MCH Westeinde we offer two large, relaxing and birth bath, constant attention and care, water births and extra facilities for nitrous oxide as pain relief.

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